Bangkok – our yearly adventure

First trip of 2015 for the US. Tally and I went to our favorite and must visit country. Bangkok (BKK) aka the land of smiles. Always wonder what an appropriate “land of smiles”. We are always smiling even to sleep. Every year we are always amaze by what we see, try and carry back. Our baggage increase as the years goes. Seriously we better exercise some self control. 🙂

When it comes to BKK, there’s always so much to share. Tonnes of places flow through our minds. So many to cover in such short period. This is also a reason why our stay in BKK is getting longer each time. We usually spend a week there so that we will not have too hectic events planned thru the whole day there. Everyone knows where to shop or eat in BKK. However, there are still places that I would like to mentioned as I feel its a worth to try or go if you have not been there.

1) Hokkaido Milk

To those who know me will know this is a rare item on my recommended list. This is Tally’s favorite. Like a baby, he must have his DAILY dose of Hokkaido milk. He personally recommends the Ceylon Tea and Chocolate flavors. Knowing him, I bet its must be such yummy milk to make him MUST drink every trip we are in BKK.

This is a chain of milk outlets. Common or easy to spot them at Siam Paragon Basement or Terminal 21 basement. All just outside the supermarket checkout counters.

2) Four Seasons at Paragon

This is a yummy Roast duck place that can be found easily at Siam Paragon. They are known as the Roast Duck Specialist.The name alone will tell you what is their main selling dish. We had our meals few times there. We honestly like the Roast Duck. In addition, they have few dishes that you can try too. Some pictures to make all drool.

The mouth watering meats…


3) Pastels

This is a new found love. I read about this eclair booth that we made a trip down to grab some and try. The first sight while we reach the counter at Terminal 21. The eclairs are just too pretty to be eaten. Are you sure they for consumption? next thoughts, are pretty things yummy too? The answer after we sink our teeth into the first eclair. ooooohhhhhh.. they are lovely. I am not a fan of eclairs in SIngapore as most of them are made of whipped cream. This is totally different. I tried the one with chocolate cream. Wooo.. they are simply lovely.    

4) Soi 19 wanton mee

Our usual MUST eat. Ask me what so good? It just do not feel right if we came BKK and gave the wanton mee a missed. This year the wanton mee Q shocked us. In the past, you will never see such long queue outside the shop. Time change, through the powerful media, everyone hears/read/sighted where the famous wanton mee is. So there the Q. 🙂


I will be back for part 2 to share some cafes we tried and yummy dessert and a onsen spa place. Stay tuned to this space.


Hello BKK!!

a super short post!!! Before the long coming!! The next few days I be in BKK. My yearly affair. So going to share some of me & tally Must have when we are here… 

Whee.. I already carry half bkk home on day2! Tally say!!! 我们失手了!haha 

US in BKK!!! 

A bunch of colleagues turn friends

its quite rare that we can find friends today in the working society! Counting back as I am going to write this post, think I’ve been really blessed that such nice bunch of people came into my life as colleagues left strong foot prints and are now F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!! Wheee

Many pple come and go in our life.. Dun ask how these stayed! Hahaha some have stayed for quite a good 7years or more haha… I am just so glad you all came to my life!! 

Just last weekend, we gathered for a short brunch over.. To meet up and catch up as usual! This time apart from the normal ex team mates Hee #clusterA rocks!!! All the better halves came as well!! 

Looking good in our group pic! 

We always enjoyed the pressence of L and he brought us loads of joy and laughter! Thanks to daddy & mummy hia who always bring L out with us! 

Tell me how to resist loving him more n more!!! 

A small spread of brunch was prepared and glad they ate them well.. 

Check who’s staring at you! Hee and yes so.. My first attempt to prepare brunch item for a bigger group! Hee they were easy people who make me feel the breakfast was nice! Hee *grins* 

As I was looking back, I found a picture of how we all started… Drum roll… 

this forms all the 美女 of Cluster A in RFAU then!!!  Miss those time we hit till wee morning together!  *just kidding* 

And now…. Tis is what we are!!!! 

 We will continue to share our path of life together… As we count down to witness the next event of the year for Donne!!! *screams*

28.2.15 our yearly cny gathering

in wink of an eye, the group of us spent quite a number of cny gathering yearly together le. Our numbers grew along the years. 

This year without fail, we have our get together too.. It’s at my place! The past few months tally n I were busy cleaning n checking n moving n unpacking into our new place for us to get ready before cny! Yeah we did it. And that how we can arrange gathering over at our little nest!

With the flowers, we know we are ready for cny! 

So was an afternoon of fun over at our place where we gather, munch, chat, mingle, gamble the day away… 

… And how can we miss our yearly lo hei! Huat ah!! 

to a better 2015 dearest!!! 

That’s us!!! Whee my dearest all!! 

Looking back I found a group pic of us in 2012 cny! Hee and a surprise birthday for me! 

Looking back… We indeed didn’t change Hee…

Happy 2015 cny!!! 

27.3.15 empowering the bank!

my first year with the bank. The first cny bank celebration. Indeed welfare to the staff by the management for the effort put in to host this event. 

All staff were presented with a lucky draw red pkt and some welcome gift by the company. 

Such sweet gesture. Appreciates. 

We had a night of fun. There were some game booth. Photo booth. And we had free booze all night long!! 

 Picture speaks louder than words!!! We all had some good fun that evening!! 

Happy lunar new year!!!

time flies and the month of January flew pass as we were all getting busy with the gatherings across the year. And now we are getting busy with our lunar new year! 

It’s a looked forward event yearly where gatherings with a lot of love ones and friends. We get to feast A lot too. 

Cny went pass in a wink! Felt times quieter today. Is it we are growing up or is it the crowd is getting lesser.. Anyway always thankful for all whose around to keep me feel blessed!! 

The usual family shot taken at grandma! Was with hub visiting so we were missed in this. 

We done with our rounds so back to my side and that where the gals power! Da cousins and hub! 

With the evening spend wif my granny and family!!!

Hee so sweet right!! How often do I dress pretty and stay at aunt place! Lol! 

Finally a pic Wif tally! Haha and this mark 初一!

It’s 7.2.15!!

The day Robin and Jeannie become one!!!

Cheers to see our dear friend marrying such a sweet guy who loves her so deeply! In the whole wedding, we were all touched and overwhelmed by the amount of effort but in by the couple.

The beautiful couple.. Mr & Mrs Robin Tay!!!

Looking back at how our group expanded through the years.. I m so glad that our friendship went through these years and how we expanded in numbers… I know we will grow old together..

Some sweet moments of the day will sum up all the gals feelings for that day!!!



Lastly a pic of me & hub!!


Congratulations once again!!! Loveee

Cake n more cakes…

Stepping into a new year always excites me. celebrating my birthday in the same month make welcoming a new year to be filled with more gathering, laughter and joys.

The first celebration for the year was done with my extended family! As we all grow older and more family commitments it’s getting tougher to get a date for all to gather together often. Never the less.. We a little effort from everyone. Anything will be possible.

Yeah the picture speaks for itself.

Loving every moment. And thanking the blessing to be with them.

Not forgetting many other little angels that came into my life.. The second cake I had was with my dearest girlies from PTC! Hee

Such a bunch of pretty girls that brought so much fun into my life.

Daddy brought us and our tummy out for a treat too! To greenhouse at ritz. It’s a wonderful experience! The range of yummy laid before us was so exciting!! Too busy to snap all the food!! Haha but never the less.. Enjoy the time with my dearest family!!


Not forgetting a time with my old buddies for years!! Thanks for the little thoughts through out the years..

Love u all…


And a little time with the hub!!!
A brunch on wkday is so relaxing. Highly recommending the ice mocha here. Hee


Thanks for such sweet love!!!

Bachelorette party!

We stepped into the year with a party. one of the dearest girly close to my heart in life is getting married. the group of us been looking forward to this day. to watch our dear girl wear the beautiful gown walk down the isle to a happiness of her lifetime.

Here to our pretty.. Bride to be..


It was a surprise day out with her with the rest of the “jie-mei”s for her wedding. everyone just wanted some time with her. expecting that all brides to be are very worn out from the preparation, we felt a need to relax and enjoy a less hectic time together. the idea of a spa session together came to our mind.

After much research, we like to thank Ikeda Spa Prestige for its excellent service and great assistance from the beginning. We had quite a few correspondences going to and fro while in discussion with the Spa to get this day actualized. Without their co operation and great planning skills, we will not be able to have such an enjoyable time there.


2015/01/img_5354.jpgbeautiful onsen within the spa place


The massage and services there were great. The afternoon spent together was so much of a quality bonding time. We were so glad that all of us enjoyed the time there together. More pictures to share of the fun we had.


The beautiful ladies awaiting their massage.. but lets have a Group pic first. hee


To the brothers of the Groom.. Check out the refreshed “jie-mei”s… lets meet then…


Then we proceed to our dinner place at Dempsey. We decided to go for the House at Dempsey. Apart from the yummy dinner we had, we cannot missed the pretty dessert place just across House. Then… our legs brought us into the lovely place.




See the happy faces above.. await to the lovely desserts that kept was going… Wah… Wah… Wah… *claps to Henri Charpentier*

Lets the pictures do the talking…







Cheers to our friendship… looking forward to 7 February 2015….